Rey Sosa - President

15 plus years as Process Engineer with both OEM’s and CM’s
Married to (cheesehead) Lynn 21 years, 9 months, 21 days
(but who’s counting?)
Kids: Kyle - 12, and Kelly - 16
Pets: 1 family dog, 1 service dog in training, 1 cat and a turtle
Avid skier - snow and water. Also big into tennis, softball, golf or any sport involving a small round object that causes hours of humiliation.
Still in better physical condition than any of the other partners even though they are ten years younger
Favorite Sports Teams:
S.F. Giants (Finally World Series Champs!)
S.F. 49ers (“its been a tough decade”... and counting)
Oregon State Beavers (Even though it seems his tuition checks will be going to the Oregon Ducks)
Favorite Band: Steely Dan
Never known to drink more than 2 beers in one sitting
In bed by 10pm (weekends - 9:15) - (Daughter has him up past his bedtime every night practicing tennis
Has only experienced one percent of Liv’s life experience per online test.
(According to the test, a librarian has more fun.)

Favorite Websites: